The Outdoor Voices RecTrek Zip-Off Pants Are Ready to Hit the Trail—Or Start Line

A great three-in-one pants option for days with lots of temperature and activity variation.

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Lakota Gambill

The RW Takeaway: You don’t have to choose between pants, shorts, or capris with these throw-back bottoms.

  • Three levels of zip-off coverage keep you comfortable all day
  • Durable, water-resistant material and plenty of pockets
  • Ideal for runners who take their long run or power hike through varied temperatures
  • Flattering fit and cute color options make these useful pants *almost* fashionable

    Price: $115
    31 inches (S)

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    When these pants arrived at the office, I originally tried them on out of nostalgia: In fifth grade, I had a similar pair in light pink from Limited Too. They were a hand-me-down from my big sister that I coveted until the day she finally grew out of them. Three pants in one? Midday outfit changes? So. Cool.

    Outdoor Voices’s updated version is actually pretty cute, as dorky and utilitarian as they are. They picked a good, subtle color combo and the fit is flattering, but in my opinion they only actually look good as pants and shorts. There are two places to zip them off, but they look dumb on me at the first level (capris). If there were a drawstring at that level I would like them a lot more. If you run or hike in the mountains or somewhere else where the weather is highly variable, these are an awesome option for all-day adventures.

    Khaki, Beige, Trousers, Pocket,
    The different colored sections embrace the zip-off look (also available in solids).
    Lakota Gambill

    I brought these pants on a camping trip, and it was actually too cold to unzip them at any point we were out there, though I did experiment with the styles in the bathroom mirror before we went. But they were very comfortable, warm, and durable. I wandered through the woods a few times in search of kindling and had no problem shoving my way through the brush. I also think they make me look more outdoorsy than I felt; I did have to stifle the urge to clack some sticks together to “scare away the mountain lions” like the crazy girlfriend in The Parent Trap.

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    Little drawstrings keep the hem from dragging in the woods.
    Lakota Gambill

    Super Freaking Useful

    These pants have seven pockets (six when they’re zipped into shorts): Two hip with an internal mesh zip pocket in the right one, and another mesh zip in the middle at the back, and a flap pocket on either side. They gave me plenty of room for my keys, phone, a Clif bar, rocks I found, and dog poop bags. And the big single cargo pocket on the left mid-level section is big enough to hold the two calf sections when zipped off into capris.

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    The RecTrek Zip-Offs are a pocket party.
    Lakota Gambill

    They were more comfortable than I expected, honestly. The zippers didn’t bother me even when I was sitting. They were stretchy and non-restrictive, even though the outer side of the material was durable and super water-repellant. The bagginess of them created a little pocket of air and kept me warmer, which would make these pretty great pants to have at the chilly start line (as long as you have someone to hand them to). And though it had two zippers around each leg, I barely noticed them because they are lined with super soft, streamlined flaps.

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    Thoughtful lining keeps the zippers from irritating your legs.
    Lakota Gambill

    In terms of fit, they are loose in a comfy way and not too bulky, but personally it’s more fabric between my legs than I would prefer for running. I’m short, so they were a bit long on me but that’s not unusual. The cinch cord at the bottom pretty much made it a non-issue. They fit nice in the butt and thighs, which is great design (and not a given for muscular people!). However, I did think the waistband could be a bit looser. It’s thick and stiff, and difficult to expand (27 inches around for a size small, which doesn’t give much room for drinking beer and eating s’mores; tell me this isn’t a personal problem).

    Ideal for Warmups, Cooldowns, Backpacking, or Day-Hiking

    This is three pairs of pants in one, and that level of usefulness and pack-weight-savings will never go out of style. Though I didn’t get to test them in this exact scenario, they are ideal for backpacking or daylong treks. The kind of hike where it’s cold in the morning, and as the day warms up, these would be ideal to zip off into capris, then shorts. And as you near the top of the mountain where it’s colder, you can pull them back on and then easily remove as you get back to where it’s warmer at the base. I will definitely pack these next time I do a hike at that altitude.

    Lakota Gambill
    RecTrek Zip-Off Pants
    Outdoor Voices

    • Wear as pants, capris, or shorts
    • Plenty of pockets for storage

    • Only ideal for warmups and cooldowns
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