Run Streak Playlist Volume 2

Shake up your run streak with this eclectic list of tunes by our service and news editor Chris Hatler.

run streak running mix vol 2

You are a couple of weeks into your #RWRunStreak and you are looking strong. But that playlist you keep listening to on repeat is getting boring. This is why our editor Chris Hatler curated a list of tunes that will help you refresh and hit reset without missing a step. From Kanye West and Queen to Frank Ocean and Vampire Weekend, this eclectic mix will push you forward.

Hey streakers, I’m Chris Hatler, Service & News Editor here at Runner’s World.

First off, kudos! You’ve been streaking for a little while now. But at this point, you might be getting a little bored. I mean, we’re talking day after day of running the same routes at the same rhythm. It’s getting to become, well, a routine.

I live in Philadelphia, where there’s one main path—called the Schuylkill River Trail—that I run on almost every day. While it’s super convenient and I feel blessed to have it, I’m not gonna lie—there are some days where I’d rather run on the “dreadmill” than follow the same route again.

There’s nothing wrong with routine. Routine builds habits, and habits are important for day-to-day accountability. If you did it yesterday, you’d feel off if you didn’t do it today—which is a crucial motivator for Run Streak. But every routine needs a shake-up. And that’s exactly what this playlist is, a 90-minute, 27 song shakeup to your run streak day-to-day.

The songs on this playlist jump around different beats per minute. One minute, you’ll be cruising along to a soaring pop anthem like Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris, then all of a sudden have to put on the brakes to keep beat with the slow, groovy beat of Thundercat’s Dragonball Durag. When you’re all done, you’ll have been so focused on your pace changes that 30, 45, even 60 minutes will have gone by before you know it.

So whether treadmill or trail, road or track, plug in your headphones and move to the groove.

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