Each weekend in 2021, we worked closely with certified personal trainers to give you a variety of workouts that help strengthen your entire body, improve your stride, increase your endurance, and build your confidence. Together, we’ve covered it all from basic routines to more intense workouts that will help you on and off the roads and trails.

And the thing you loved most? Core workouts that help you improve your overall performance. Having a strong core can help prevent injury, improve your balance, and increase your stability, so it’s not shocking that endurance athletes flock to various types of core workouts. Don’t know where to start if you want to up your strength training in 2022? This 4-move workout was our most popular video this year, and that’s because these basic—yet effective—moves can help even the most advanced runner.

But it wasn’t all about getting a stronger core. While upper-body exercises are often forgotten, this year you took a moment to focus on mobility and posture with these shoulder exercises. You also took on a few challenges this year like this total body workout with a TRX suspension trainer.

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To further guide your fitness journey, try one of the popular workouts from 2021 that appeals to you the most and check out the follow-along video and detailed instructions for every single move. You will only need an exercise mat for some of the exercises in this playlist, but if you would like to complete all the workouts then also grab a medicine ball, a step, a chair, bench or box, a mini resistance band and a long resistance band, dumbbells, and a suspension trainer.

Each workout is guaranteed to be a great addition to your strength-training days as you build up those miles for more great runs in 2022!

Just want to start working out now? Check out the following playlist that gives you a glimpse of each workout below!