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Join the Runner’s World Winter Run Streak. For 38 days, from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, we’re running at least a mile every day. #RWRunStreak

On Thanksgiving Day, we kick off our Winter #RWRunStreak in force, and this year it’s presented by TraningPeaks and Tracksmith—the official sponsors of the Run Streak in 2021! Every day until January 1st, you and me, me and you, we run at least one mile. That’s 38 days of running and just one daily mile is all it takes. Can you run more than one? Of course. Is one mile far enough to matter? Heck yeah!

One daily mile is more powerful than you can imagine. It represents your strength to self-motivate, crush all excuses, and follow through on your goals. Now THAT is a force.

And that one mile is the gateway to endless running opportunities. It’s a chance to convert a non-running friend with a chill one-mile trot. It’s a challenge to tackle and share with already-running friends. And even if you streak solo, it’s a daily commitment to treat and take care of yourself.

The beauty of committing to one mile a day—or any streak—is that the discipline and structure built into streaking sets you up for success. The decision-making process is taken out of the equation. There’s no anxiety or effort to figure out if you should run today, or how far. Just lace up and hit that mile. If the mood strikes you, keep going. If not, head home knowing you’ve accomplished your daily goal.

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And I am so inspired by the incredible runners who run streak. They’ve shared their stories about the amazing things that have come from committing to a goal, committing to a run, committing to something daily that isn’t always easy but transformed them as a person and as a runner.

Take Robert Kraft, a.k.a Raven. After life dealt him a savage setback, he started daily runs to manage and overcome his anger. There’s Marissa Zoda. The veteran flight attendant travels the world and uses her year-plus streak to force herself to get outside and experience the cities she flies to. And there’s Olivia Frempong. The mom of three started running to take control of her health, started her streak on Thanksgiving in 2017, and hasn’t stopped. She calls it her “daily therapy.”

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Are you with me? Let’s get this journey started. Share your #RWRunStreak with us, and keep reading for more reasons you should start streaking today!

Let’s GO! —Coach Jess

Find out how a streak can change you—join us for the winter Runner’s World Run Streak!
Where will you run? How will you make it happen? How will your life change? We want to hear about it! Share your progress and motivate other streakers by “liking” the streak on Facebook. You can also share updates on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #RWRunStreak.