5 Watch Features That Can Help New Runners Progress

You’re putting in plenty of effort as it is—let your timepiece do the rest.

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Jordan Siemens

Being a new runner is exhilarating. You are freshly motivated to blaze every trail you see and just beginning to reap the health benefits of this next-level workout. But along with a passion for the sport, the right gear is also key in upping your running game.

In addition to shoes and other gear, you’ll need a running watch to help you stay the course. Not sure what to look for? With its broad range of functions, sleek style, and reasonable price, andthe G-Shock GBD200 is a solid choice for beginners.

Keep reading to learn about the features engineered to help you improve as you go.

Smartphone Linking/Bluetooth

A phone linking feature isn’t just important for your lifestyle needs (like texting, calling, and emailing), but it's important to help you achieve your fitness goals. After you connect your watch to the free G-SHOCK MOVE app, running metrics are taken and shown automatically without having to check your phone and break your stride. As you put in some mileage, you’ll want to know your exact speed and distance. The GPS on your smartphone delivers accurate and secure information to the G-SHOCK MOVE app, allowing you to train more efficiently. You may look to beat personal goals—like your speed on a remote trail—all of which is being tracked.

Step Counter/Accelerometer

Another metric that’s incredibly helpful to have in a watch is step counting. This can help you see not only how far you’ve gone, but also how much further you have until reaching your daily step count. This, combined with an accelerometer—a tool that measures your speed—and G-SHOCK MOVE’s proprietary algorithm, helps deliver incredibly accurate distance measurements. Even cooler? With the GBD200, you don’t need to push a button to activate this feature. It just starts counting your steps automatically as you move.

Lap Time Measurement and Interval Timers

Speed workouts can help improve your pace and increase your VO2 max (the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilize during exercise). You can set the GBD200’s interval timer with five measurements to help you switch between several difficulty levels during intervals, fartleks, or tempo runs. Gauge your current level with the watch’s Auto Lap feature, which naturally keeps track of times over a set distance, pausing measurements when you aren’t in motion.

Comfort and Style

The right watch is one that you don’t even realize you’re wearing once you’re in the groove of things. The GBD200 features a soft urethane band with multiple holes to let in air flow and keep moisture from building up. It also allows for that just-right fit to keep your watch from sliding all over. Now, while you’re not necessarily picking out a running watch based on looks alone, it doesn’t hurt to have one that’s simple, stylish, and goes with just about any outfit.

Calories Burned

You can’t perform to the best of your abilities if you’re not fueling your body correctly. As you begin to train, it’s helpful to track the calories you’re burning—that way you can replenish them later. The G-SHOCK MOVE app makes it simple to monitor your energy burned. Refueling within 30 minutes to an hour of finishing your workout can help jumpstart recovery and get you back out on the trail sooner.

Explore the entire G-SHOCK MOVE Collection including the GBD200, GBA900 and GBDH1000.

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